The International Award for Young People Nigeria Global Youth Mobilization project is currently being implemented in an additional 25 FCT Government Schools extending the Access, Reach, and, Impact of the Award to more groups of young people in Nigeria. Young People through the project have benefitted and enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the Award. Like their counterparts around the world The GYM Project which was introduced last year, has built the capacity and trained approximately 56 Adult teachers as Award Leaders to provide support for the young people with more than 1300 young people taking part from 30 participating schools.

By engaging the young people in non-formal extracurricular learning and supporting their ideas and intuitions, the project has helped the beneficiaries return and adjust back to school post-lockdown. Young people have learnt new skills and developed old ones while improving their potential; they have also engaged in sports thereby improving physical and emotional well-being.

Young people through their own ideas and solutions have also been contributing to the build-back process through their activities which include donating and supporting their communities and health workers. Through their efforts and ingenuity, young people have shown that they are part of the solution to build back post-COVID-19. A total of 45 FCT Government schools are currently delivering the Award with entry into new locations of Kano, Nassarawa, and Adamawa states expected before the end of the year.

Mrs. Angela Bendega Jaanyi

Award Leader

“I have always loved being part of the people’s success story and becoming an Award leader has saddled me with the responsibility of directly engaging with young people and paying more attention to their activities outside regular school activities.

The Award framework has highly impacted my life as I follow up and work with young people to guide and support them while they meet their desired goals.”

Samuel Oche

Golden Award Holder


“The Award framework has been a blessing to me and my career from the very first day I joined.

Before the Award, I have been struggling with the payment of my school fees. The Award helped me in the development of my skills and how to put them into good use.

I was able to pay an instructor near my home to teach me shoe making and with the mindset that I will upload my activities on the ORB, I had to write down in detail what I was being taught.

Now, I can easily pay my school fees from my earnings from making shoes, sandals, and various footwear for my clients.

I like the Award because it didn't focus only on skills development but also on community service and physical recreation.

The Award is indeed a blessing to me and my family and especially my career, I really thank God that, even as a student, I'm self-employed.

Participating in the Award opened my eyes to see the need to learn a skill and I am glad that the skill is now generating money in my pocket.