The Award which is currently being delivered in 76 government senior secondary schools in Lagos State has continued to impact positively on the lives of the young people who volunteer to sign up for the Award, these young people have gone through the various sections of the Award and have learnt various values which include understanding of the spirit of service to humanity for the purpose of making our world a better place, they have also learnt respect for each other and the adults around them, they have developed practical skills and interests amongst others. Through the Award, these young people have discovered that the level of impact they make on their immediate environment is not directly proportional to the amount of money they have in their bank account rather it’s proportional to their willingness to use their skills and talents to positively impact on their immediate environment. Without doubt, these young people have gone through a tested and proven framework geared towards preparing them to become #WORLDREADY. For these participants, the Award did not only provide the opportunity to engage in activities for their personal and social development, it also provided the opportunity for experiential learning and reflecting on how their Award experience has positively impacted on them.

Oluwatosin Olotu

Award Leader

“The experience I have had working with my participants while supporting them to develop skills, self-confidence,

commitment, and a high level of responsibility is second to none. Being an Award leader has helped me to discover that there is a lot of untapped potential in young people and I am amazed at their level of commitment to their Award activities.

Some of the participants who happen to be shy and timid were able to find their voices in the course of the Award.

There is no doubt that all of the participants have been able to acquire tangible skills through their involvement in the Award framework!”

Olarenwaju Opeyemi

Bronze Award Holder

“I registered for the Award framework and found it very interesting especially when I was informed that we had to record our activities online via the Online Record Book (ORB). While doing the Award, I became very eager to complete my activities as I am hoping that one day, i will be able to achieve all three levels of the Award - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The practice and qualifying Adventurous Journey were both physically demanding but very interesting and fun as well. After the Adventurous Journey, I knew that this was not just an ordinary framework.

For my voluntary service, I chose online advocacy and awareness through a Facebook page I created named 'African Gold Media'. Using this platform, I was able to raise awareness on various issues as well as posting inspirational quotes and proverbs. In the nearest future, I intend to have this as a TV station.

My bronze level was interesting just as it was stressful but in all, I am grateful for the motivation of my Award leader Mrs. Adeagbo Abiola. Mrs Adeagbo Abiola.”