Through the Skills Section you can develop your personal interests, and practical and social skills.

You could choose to improve on an existing skill or try something new. It’s all about having a go, learning something and getting better at it, giving yourself a sense of achievement and well- being.

Aside your academic qualification, Universities and employers like to know that you have life skills too!


Examples of Skills

  • Music – singing, learning to play an instrument, music event management

  • Sports related – sports officiating, umpiring/refereeing, sports ground maintenance, driving

  • Arts and crafts – bead making, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, decoration

  • Nature and the environment – agriculture, bee keeping, conservation, fishing, forestry, gardening

  • Communication – film and video, languages, reading, writing, public speaking, journalism, website development

  • Games – snooker or pool, chess, darts

  • ICT- web design, coding

Time Requirements

  • Bronze – 3 months or 6 months if chosen as a Major Section

  • Silver – 6 months or 12 months if chosen as a Major Section

  • Gold – 12 months or 18 months if chosen as a Major Section

“Challenge yourself to improve your skills and widen your personal interests.”

Voluntary Service

Physical Recreation

Adventurous Journey

Residential Project