As they set out to find their purpose, passion and place in the world, today’s young people face a broad range of challenges. They are bombarded by information, expectation and uncertainty. They are growing up with complexities and challenges unseen by the previous generations. If they are to succeed, they need the skills, resilience and understanding to help them take on whatever life may throw their way. The responsibility lies with all of us to inspire young people to unlock their potential, and ensure they are better equipped with the soft – or universal – skills needed to strive.

Licensed Operators

The National Award Authority licenses ‘operators’ to conduct the Award framework. They are commonly known as Licensed Operators and are responsible for delivering the Award to participants. Licensed Operators can be:



Tertiary Institutions

Community Organizations

Sporting or Social Clubs


A group of interested parents who form their own association

Award Centres then appoint Award Leaders who become the main contact and the ones who guide Participants on their Award journey. (The Award Centre must ensure that relevant Child Protection Legislation requirements are observed for each adult who may work with an Award Participant under the age of 18 years.)

Being a Licensed Operator means that you are forming a partnership with the largest pursuit of youth development in the world – The International Award for Young People.

The flexibility and sustainability of the Award has allowed for steady growth over the 62 years that it has successfully operated. It is now home to over 130 countries and touches the lives of more than 8 million young people

The International Award for Young People Nigeria is a global framework, providing tangible support in terms of experience, promotional materials, equipment and training.

The structure often compliments programs and activities schools and various groups already offer to young people and provides a way of recognizing these efforts and at the same time without consuming resources.

The Award also offers a framework to develop the important skills that we believe young people should definitely have, including team work, self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership, fitness, and community connection.

Being an Award Centre also allows you the opportunity to connect with other organizations, schools and community groups in your area and around the world, through national events, social media and a quarterly newsletter detailing the latest news and stories.

There are officers and volunteers, offering local support and assistance where possible, so no Licensed Operator is left isolated.

The Award offers a voluntary framework for staff, and offers the opportunity for young people to connect with other adults within the community in a productive way

You will be able to connect with our international network and open up opportunities for professional development and the exchange of information

As an Award Centre, the Award allows a framework to create an environment of social inclusion for your participants. This enhances their Award experience and impacts positively on their personal development.

Award Leaders are the adult volunteers who manage the Award on behalf of the Award Centre.

As a volunteer, the opportunity to enhance the lives of young people is endless.

If you’d like to know how to become a Licensed Operator, you need to contact the Award Office and one of our Award staff will help you out


NB: It is the responsibility of the Award Centre to ensure that relevant child protection requirements are observed for each adult who may work unsupervised with an Award Participant under the age of 18 years.

The National Award Operator is a company with the sole object of managing the Award in Nigeria.