• September 27, 2019
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The Outcome research is a global research aimed at monitoring the outcomes of the Award (self-confidence, planning and problem-solving and personal and social wellbeing) among young people in Nigeria. This research is a means of helping us see how young people develop across these outcomes and whether the Award may assist this development. Through this research we hope to gather rich, quantitative data about how the Award makes a difference in the lives of young people, taking us from testimonials to statistically significant data.


Having this data will enable us to shout louder about the benefits of extra-curricular activities in the development of young people. It will enable you to promote your organization or school through your delivery of this valuable programme, since you will be able to talk of the Award’s proven impacts on the lives of your young people.

 The outcomes of the Award for young people:

•                                Communication

•                                Confidence

•                                Planning & problem solving

•                                Relationships & leadership

•                                Creativity & adaptability

•                                Resilience & determination

•                                Managing feelings

•                                Civic competence

•                                Intercultural competence

•                                Personal & social well-being


  2. Pre-survey:Young people aged 14-24 complete the first survey which measures our pre-identified outcomes such as self-confidence, planning and problem solving, and personal and social wellbeing. This allows us to see how Award participants’ outcomes measures are before they begin their Award activities, and to see how this compares to young people not taking part in the Award ‘the control group’.
  3. Award participation and completion!
  4. Post-survey:Respondents complete the post-survey (for Award participants this is when they finish their Award).Now, we can compare the development of outcomes of Award participants vs control group respondents – to see if and how the Award may have contributed to young people’s development of self-confidence, planning and problem solving skills, and personal and social well being.
  5. Next Award level

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