• May 26, 2016
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Noble Hall Leadership Academy is an all-girls school located in Abuja. On the 6th day of May 2016, Award participants from the school undertook their Practice Adventurous Journey which commenced with training for the participants on understanding of the goals of their Adventurous Journey, they were then divided into groups for better integration.

Early the next morning on the 7th – 05 – 2016, the participants engaged in aerobics for improved physical well-being to build their fitness and keep them alert. After breakfast, the participants had lectures on safety (firefighting using the extinguisher) taken by Mr. Olaogun a practicing fire fighter, this was followed by a seminar on first aid precautions and measures to take for different types of accidents, the participants also had an interactive session on leadership to enlighten them on how to be leaders and give back to the society.

The day continued after the participants had lunch, and then engaged in a challenge learning how to overcome or outrun a hurdle. They had fun doing the challenge while at the same time recorded their speed, performance and accuracy. The day came to an end with the participants making their dinner in groups thereby learning to work as a team,the participants from the different groups also shared meals, Mrs. Balikis the adventurous journey vendor gave a general vote of thanks announcing the kick off time for the long distance trek.
Early the next day on the 8th, they made their breakfast and headed off for the long distance trek. They took note of observations while trekking, took readings with the compass, and calculated distance covered. The walk lasted for about two hours and the total distance covered was 16km.

In the words of the participants, it was an exciting experience for all.

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