The Award is comprised of three levels and four sections and is designedto provide a balanced programme of personal development and challenge. Participants complete all four Sections at each level in order to achieve either their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. At Gold level, Participants also complete a Gold Residential Project.


The Voluntary Service section helps young people learn how to give useful voluntary service to others and their communities. This section gives participants a sense of compassion, to help them become more active, engaged citizens, playing their part in strengthening their communities. Examples include: First Aid, environmental sanitation, care for the physically challenged, elderly, sick or visit to orphanages etc.


The Physical Recreation encourages participation in physical recreation, to help improve performance, health and fitness. This section encourages young people to improve their fitness and performance, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle for good mental and physical wellbeing. Examples include: jogging, basketball, badminton, cycling, football etc.


The Skills section encourages the development of personal interests, creativity and practical skills. This section encourages participants to develop their talents, broaden their abilities, increase their self-confidence and improve their employability. Examples include: painting, craft work, fashion designing, music, photography etc.


The Adventurous Journey section encourages a sense of adventure and discovery while undertaking a team journey. As part of a small team, participants plan, train for and undertake a journey with a purpose, in an unfamiliar environment and get a deeper understanding of the environment and the great outdoors. Examples are: bushwalking, hiking, cycling across a state or town, canoeing etc.


The Gold residential Project aims to broaden participants’ horizons through involvement with others in a residential setting. This section gives participants a shared purposeful experience with people who are not their usual companions, working towards a common goal, set out by participants theselves.