Online Record Book (ORB)

The Online Record Book (ORB) is a web and mobile app platform that allows Award participants to register, record their activities and submit their logs. It also allows Adult mentors to monitor participant’s progress and approve completed Awards

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Yes there is, it is:

All data from the current International ORB system will be migrated over to ‘Next Generation’.

They will receive a message stating that their record has been transitioned and that they will need to log into the new system. Once all NAOs and IACs have been transitioned over to ‘Next Generation’, the old URL will automatically re-direct to the new one.

Each user that has been migrated will receive an automated email (from advising them that they have been transitioned to the new system and asking them to reset their password.

Based on the feedback from the pilot NAOs, a medium-sized NAO will need to allow 3-4 hours each day during the first few days of the transition.

Training Modules are available on the Online Learning Hub.

User Guides are available to download from both the ORB ‘Next Generation’ system and also from the Online Learning Hub ‘Next Generation’ Group.

Yes. A training system will be made available towards the end of 2017.


Both the Android and iOS Apps are provided free of charge to both Award Leaders and Participant

Android needs to be version 4.1 (“Jelly Bean”) or above and iOS needs to be 10 or greater.

Unfortunately, at present all users have to first register via the ORB webpage before they can log into the Apps.

Participant Funcctionality

The new system calculates the percentage completion a little different than the old system did. It is now a more accurate representation of your Award completion than previously. However the requirements for completing the Award have not changed.


The Award Leader is already required to approve each activity before the Participant can progress; it was a sensible to add this functionality to make it easier for the Award Leader.

This functionality is not available in the current version of the Apps.

There will be a number of standard reports available for Award Leaders from the end of September 2017.


For the Participant App, any data recorded on the App, while you have no Internet connection will be saved and uploaded to the system when you have an active Internet connection. For the Award Leader App, you must always have an Internet connection for it to work.

Please contact your National Award Office

There are no major changes, however in some cases there may be some minor differences in progress / completion as reported by International ORB compared to ‘Next Generation’ due to how the system was developed. If you have any concerns please speak to your National Office.