All participants must be between 14 and 24 years* of age. The minimum age requirements to receive each Award are as follows:

14 for Bronze

15 for Silver

16 for Gold

**All requirements must be fulfilled BEFORE the participant’s 25th birthday.

In a school, community youth group, residential youth facilities and correctional centre nationally

The minimum time periods are:

Bronze – 6 months

Silver – 6 months

Gold – 12 month

You need to be actively involved in VOLUNTARY SERVICE, developing a NEW SKILL, taking part in PHYSICAL RECREATION and doing an ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY

No. A participant has to complete one level of the Award before embarking on another and cannot take more than one Award level at the same time

Hand it over to your Award Leader, who will make sure that you have completed all the requirements of the Award at the level you are on. If you meet all the criteria, a certificate and badge will be sent back to your Award Leader. The process from receiving the record book to the awarding of your certificate should not take longer than 4 weeks. If you have not completed the requirements in any one section, you will be informed and we encourage you to then fulfill the requirements and resubmit.