• May 5, 2024
  • Samuel Onyedikachi
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Last week, Joseph Oshoke Bello, the esteemed National Director for The International Award for Young People Nigeria, embarked on an insightful journey to Kenya. His purpose? To glean invaluable insights and inspiration from the exemplary program implementations in the Kenyan context. 

Immersing himself fully in the experience, Joseph Oshoke Bello not only visited but actively engaged with participants across various institutions. From the vibrant halls of Karatina University to the transformative environment of Kamae Borstal Girls, every encounter offered a profound glimpse into the impact of the Award. 

At Oshwall Academy Nairobi-Junior High, he witnessed firsthand the dedication and enthusiasm of young minds embracing the program. Similarly, his visit to Samaj Senior & College provided a rich tapestry of experiences, reflecting the diversity and depth of engagement within the Award framework.

Nairobi Academy welcomed Joseph Oshoke Bello with open arms, providing a platform for dialogue and exchange that resonated with the essence of the program—nurturing passion, purpose, and global citizenship.

Through these immersive interactions, Joseph Oshoke Bello not only benchmarked best practices but also forged bonds of camaraderie and collaboration, strengthening the fabric of the Award’s global community.

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