About Us

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with one of the largest populations of youth in the world, comprising 211,400,708 members.

  • In Nigeria, as of 2019, there are 134 recognized polytechnics and 174 universities, including federal, state, and privately owned. They all admit about 2 million and release about 600 000 graduates each year.
  • About 2.9 million of Nigeria’s unemployed hold graduate and post graduate degrees from tertiary institutions.

  • At the beginning of the year, Statista released a report forecasting the unemployment rate in Nigeria for 2022. The report estimated the unemployment rate in the year at nearly 33%, a 0.5 increase from the previous year at 32.5%

  • The situation is even direr by the brain drain the country is also experiencing with the rise of young Nigerians immigrating to seek better opportunities abroad. This, however, underscores the fact that promoting sustainable economic growth through skill acquisition and development is critical for solid nation-building.

  • The International Award for young people Nigeria is currently working on an initiative to partner with leading organizations and employers under which the Award will serve as a requirement for employment leveraging on our global influence to help young Award holders to be gainfully employed in dignifying jobs.


  • The Award provides individuals with skills, values and experiences that are highly sought after in the workplace. From the Voluntary Service completed to the Adventure Journey you undertook, employers are seeking well-rounded employees.

  • Receive a prestigious Award that is globally recognized in more than 130


Gives you an edge over others when applying for university, scholarships, or jobs within and outside Nigeria by including on your CV the impact of the Award.

    • Instead of the usual hobbies section on the resume, how about one which illustrates the volunteering and experiences you have had through the Award?

    • Get access to mentorship from trained adult volunteers and professionals.

    • Meet new people and make new friends.

    • Find your Passion, Purpose, and Place in the world.