Adventurous Journey

For the Adventurous Journey Section you’ll need a sense of adventure and discovery as you go on a team journey, expedition or exploration.

Each Adventurous Journey includes:

1. Preparation and Training

2. Practice Journey

3. Qualifying Journey

Its a tough challenge but you will have the opportunity to learn more about the wider environment, as well as to develop self-confidence and team work.


Examples of Adventurous Journeys (explorations and expeditions)

  • Exploring the natural world: glaciation, erosion, geology, coastal studies, river valleys, plant studies, insect studies, bird studies or animal studies.

  • Exploring culture an d historic land use: pre historic man, historical period

  • To investigate the survival or extinction of a language

  • Exploring human impact: visit or pressure in national parks, pollution monitoring, industrialization, surveys of numbers of walkers in remote areas

  • To carry out health surveys or health education in remote areas

  • To complete a particularly demanding journey by foot, cycle or canoe/kayak

  • To investigate group dynamics in challenging conditions

  • To kayak the entire navigable stretch of a river

  • Following an ancient pilgrimage trail

  • Cycling along an ancient trail

“Challenge yourself to journey with your eyes open.”


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