The Award has had a great impact on my life in many ways including equipping me with life skills and has allowed me to experience new places like my first ever visit to the Karshi waterfall which was quite exciting. It has also helped me improve my confidence, communication skills and leadership skills. It has allowed me to socialize, meet and interact new people; many of whom share same drive and passion as me. Thanks to the Award, I now know my environs better. Through the Adventurous Journey, I got to explore the Mpape hills, the Marian hills, the Kubwa hills and the Kubwa train station.

Importantly, the Award has helped me transition to a better version of myself. For my Residential Project, I was privileged to visit an orphanage home and that experience taught me to appreciate life more and to see the need to contribute for a better society and the joy that comes with it, which I cannot really explain.

Taking part in the Award has really been a great experience in my life. I will love to appreciate the founder HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh for creating this wonderful opportunity around the world and at large and thanks also to the members of the organization.



Government Secondary School, Karshi- Abuja.