My Award experience was both fun, exciting and challenging at the same time.

Each level was very challenging but, I got to learn many positive qualities while doing the Award. I met and interacted with new people from different background and I learnt tolerance and how to manage relationships. I also learnt how to be persistent and committed to what I was doing. The Award taught me teamwork skills, it also helped me build my interpersonal and leadership skills.

Prior to joining the Award, I was simply doing fashion designing for the fun of it, by then I had no intention to make it a big one, I wasn’t bothered about my physical appearance, I wasn’t in for going on adventures either, although I was into some form of leadership at my church because of my passion for teaching and coaching much younger children and I made sure I took charge of them at any opportunity that requires care and teaching.

After I started the Award, I had the drive to want to improve my skills in fashion designing, challenge myself to own a fashion house where I can make clothes for people even top celebrities in the future. I also started working on my physical appearance and wanted to look fit. The Award has helped me improve my leadership skills, participation in more voluntary work and has helped develop confidence in public speaking. The Award has also helped me develop my interest in adventures, now I have a full list of places I would love to visit, to meet new people and to discover new things. I am sincerely grateful to the Award because it has helped me discover my hidden potentials.

I feel #WORLDREADY with all I have achieved through the Award.


Award Participant,

Army Day Secondary School, Maitama