“The Award is an amazing opportunity for self-growth where you can try new things and meet new people. My Award experience started while I was in SS1 and my favourite section of the Award was the Adventurous journey while hiking at Mpape Hills. The journey was mentally and physically demanding, requiring me to push myself beyond my boundaries.

The journey also enhanced my leadership skills as I was appointed the leader of the group and hence I was responsible for the safety and welfare of my group members throughout the journey. After the journey, I started expressing the leadership values I had learnt and was later appointed the senior prefect of my school.

This has further motivated and increased my desire to give back to the community through seeking collaboration with other Award participants in my school and we started holding programs, educating other students about the Award and its benefits. We also engage in community service projects within and outside the school environment neat and it has been a fun experience for me and other participants in my school.

Finally, to everyone who has been supporting this project in one way or another, I say THANK YOU”


Bronze & Silver Award Holder/ Gold Award Participant

Model Secondary School Maitama, Abuja