The International Award for Young People Nigeria has inspired me in so many ways. Prior to the Award, I used to be that girl that lacked self-confidence in what I could achieve. I used to find it difficult to sing as I usually had a problem with my voice which made me think that probably I don’t have the skill or even know how to sing. I also used to be very timid and I never knew I had the passion or desire to teach or take care of children because I felt they could be frustrating dealing with them, so I kept away from children.

I got involved with the Award after an Award staff visited my school to introduce the Award framework to us. I joined the Award because I felt it would help me discover my skills as well as help me identify areas I could render my service to people for betterment of the society and also to know my areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Participating in the Award has impacted me positively in the area of my skill, service to others and physical fitness. It has helped me discover my singing talent and as a result of this, I was appointed as the choir coordinator of my school which has made it possible for me to be able to help people in discovering their part as well as correcting those who flop or switch keys. Teaching as my service activity has made me good in teaching and had taught me to be patient, tolerant and disciplined. I can now confidently impact knowledge on children. My physical recreation (hiking) has also helped me to discover new places, improved my physical fitness and strengthened of bones.

The adventurous journey section taught me basic first aid and life-saving skills especially what to do if someone is drowning, such as looking out for danger, moving the person out of the water and giving chest compressions. It also taught me about team work and how to work with others towards achieving a common goal.

My advice to other young people is to make themselves useful just like I am with the help of the Award, get involved with the Award so they can be a good product to the country.

If joining this Award has made me improve in my skill, service and physical recreation, I will love all young people to be part of it.

Thank you.

Ushie Cecilia

(Bronze Award Holder)