There is no iota of doubt the international award for young people Nigeria has really helped a lot of students who have participated in it.

The Award has indeed created a platform to honour students for doing what they love to do. Obviously, it is one of a kind. I have really been helped through the Award, I learnt determination, discipline and perseverance.

I chose reading and coding games for my skill, this has motivated me to learn how to use programming languages and with that I have been able to learn more about coding and now I can use two different coding packages to create games.

Furthermore, when I did not know what I could do as a service, I decided to volunteer to teach what i have read to the other students without billing them. Apart from acquiring thorough knowledge of the topic I had explained, I also developed the skill of teaching, despite the fact that it is not my paid employment.

More so, I had a problem regarding sports because all I felt I was chanced to do was to read and watch movies during leisure hours, not knowing that there is a need to exercise the body and ensure that the body remains fit. This framework has helped me realize the importance of sporting activities. Now I spend my weekends undertaking a sporting activity and this has helped me reduce fatigue.

The Award has also helped me discover the need to go out of one’s comfort zone to a new environment to learn which I feel is the essence of the adventurous journey. This section has really helped a lot of students including myself to discover and learn things I did not know before then. I could remember during our practice journey to the national museum, I overheard a fellow participant from another school saying “he never thought he would ever visit the national museum from school”. This statement shook my heart and I was delighted that the Award has given young people the avenue to hope for greater things. We also went to the ‘’National Sickle Cell Foundation”, where I learnt about sickle cell disease and how it is common among the black race. I learnt a lot during the adventurous journey, which cannot be totally captured in this presentation.

In conclusion, I believe there is a need to thank the founder and the organizers of this wonderful Award framework because it has given hope, sense of recognition and feeling of importance to the students who had thought they are of no relevance to the society.

Adelakun Adekunle

(Bronze Award Holder)