Being among those who participated in the Bronze Award was a great privilege for me. Before the Award, I had no interest in recreation and skills even though voluntary service is what I do almost everyday. I can just say I had all my attention focused on my studies believing that it is the most important thing I ever need to be better in life but i was wrong because skills also have great impact on people’s life.

I got to know about the Award from an Award staff who visited our school and told us a lot about the Award and its benefits.

Participating in the award has helped me improve my fitness and discover the need for a healthy lifestyle as I initially did not like any form of exercise because I thought it made me feel weak and feel as if am stressing myself but this award has made it clear to me that exercise helps to burn excess fat and to stretch the body.

The Award has helped me to discover and develop my hidden talent. I did a lot of voluntary work and the exploration to the Nigerian Sickle Cell Foundation has educated and enlightened me on sickle cell and how to control it.

Now I realize that I allowed a lot of things in my life because I have been used to all those things I did during the Award and I repeated almost everything every day. In other words, it has become a part and parcel of me.

My advise for everyone is that we should join the award because the it helps to discover oneself and to know that not only those with formal education can live a better life but everyone both with formal and informal education. It also helps young people develop self-belief and a positive mind set.

Thank you The International Award for Young People Nigeria and thank you to my school for giving us the privilege to be able to participate in it.

Tomon kehinde Hamidat

(Bronze Award Holder)